Most Famous Destinations You Should Visit In The UK This New Year

Want to see off the 2016 and planning to welcome 2017 by partying the whole night away? Or looking for something more wild, romantic and memorable? Then I have compiled some of the top destinations that can make your day. A large number of events are organized here.


dublin landscapeVisit Dublin for the breakthrough celebration including live music, comedy shows, street events, and much more during the new year. Whether you are going along with your family, children, friends, partner or alone, the place will keep you entertained throughout the day and night. From the NYE to throughout the week, you can get utmost fun and entertainment.



Every year, thousands of people flock to the city to get the charms of beautiful scenario, music, fireworks, art events, and entertainment. Besides, a number events like music concerts, comedy shows, etc. are organised whole night. You can find some quality holiday cottages near the destination at the reasonable price.



Want to make the new year 2017 most memorable? Then visit Northumberland and make it come true. A lot of activities are organised over there. You can also participate in the activities and enjoy the moment. Besides, there are plenty of pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs and fun places, where you can have fun. If you wish to stay for few days over there, then you can get some exciting deals for hotels and cottages in the area. If you want to book the quality accommodations or cottages at the cheap price, there are sites like Travelodge, Thomson Holidays and others. These sites have a number of hotel rooms, cottages and others at the cheap price.


Bath, Somerset

One of the finest destinations, Bath offers everything that you need to welcome the new year a bit romantically. You will get a range of romantic getaways including fantastic shopping experience, luxury shops, restaurants and spa. From Roman Baths to thermal spa, you’ll experience utmost relax and recuperation. This way you can welcome the New Year 2017.



You may have seen many New Year celebrations in the bustling cities and lively atmosphere, but what about celebrating this New Year 2017 around the most beautiful and remote part of the country? You will find a range of specially designed accommodations on the hills that can make your moment unforgettable. You know the best part of it? They are available at the cheapest price, however, you need to explore some deals and discounts vouchers for the accommodations.


cumbria landscape

Cumbria offers an exciting landscape of falls and lakes that could turn out to be a unique way to welcome the New Year 2017. If you want to relax with your friends or family, then you can find plenty of fantastic cottages at the modest price.

How To Find Some Exciting Deals For The Getaway

There are plenty of ways to get some vouchers and discount codes for New Year holidays. However, a little, but the easy effort is needed to grab the deals. Here’s how.

Explore Online: You can find hundreds of travel sites online, which offer the best deals and discount offers for holidays, including restaurants, cottage, flights, and others.

Last Minute Deals: Most of the sites offer cheap last minute deals for cottage, hotel rooms and flights. If you face any problem to get the deals, then browse them through the code provider stores. You will get the deals fast and in your convenience.

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