Easter 2019 – Top 6 Simple and Easy Money Saving Tips

It’s time to celebrate the famous festival of love and laughter again- Easter! You might be all ready to get the easter eggs and spend some quality time with your family. However, like any other festival, Easter 2019 already reminds you of spending some extra bucks.


However, all that you need to do is just take some smarter strides and you would be able to save a remarkable amount of money this Easter. Whether it is in the form of a voucher code, discount code etc. which are exclusive to Easter or some attractive yet frugal DIY, this piece of writing can let you explore some of the most effective money saving tips.

Read on

  • Sign up for deal sites

If you could grab an exciting deal or discount then it will make your entire Easter shopping to be a frugal one. For that, one of the smartest ideas could be signing up for various deal sites. All that you need to do is just register for such websites and thus all the available discount options like Argos discount codes, Interflora discount codes etc. would be handy. You can just grab the right one at the right time and that’s it! You will end up saving enormously on all the Easter decors.

  • Cook the family roast

Watching your spending is not easy when there’s a festival around. You are always tempted to shop around and ruin your bank balance. Especially, when it comes to tasting the Easter special delicacies, you spend huge on restaurants and eateries. In such a scenario, if you act a bit smarter then it can benefit you immensely. Stick to the grocery list, bring home only the essential needs, and cook your food. It can let you save huge!

  • Go for a ‘last minute’ break

If you desire to go for a city break or sunny gateway this Easter, one of the money saving ideas could be making the bookings at the last minute. When it comes to the last-minute deal then it can save huge. Also, it is recommended that you explore the holiday price comparison sites before booking a flight or hotel. It can altogether save you a lot.

  • Pick flowers

When it comes to saving money, it is all about considering every small aspect. One of the best approaches could be not buying some expensive bunches of flowers to present friends and family. Instead, all that you can do is pick daffodils or tulips from such places where it is allowed. Otherwise, you can even pick up a cheap bunch of Tesco on Saturday evening (they are pretty cheap during that time)

  • Go for real eggs, no the chocolate ones

Your children might not be very happy with this idea but it seems to be one of the best ones to save money. You can just grab some cheap eggs from the supermarket and use them for eating, painting and even playing! It will cost you pretty less than if you intend to do the same with chocolate eggs.

  • Get friendly with nature

You are getting a long Easter weekend to enjoy and it’s definitely a great time to explore outdoors and going out for a walk with your family or friends. Just walk along the parks with them and you will definitely have a lot of fun. If you do so then it will cost you pretty lesser than going for an Easter vacation to any foreign land.

Summing Up

Aren’t these money saving ideas simply excellent for celebrating Easter frugally?

Start following them now and you will definitely end up saving even more than you could think of!

Happy Easter in advance.