When Is Black Friday 2016? Where Can You Find The Best Black Friday Deals?

The chaos of Black Friday has begun. Which UK retailers Offer the Best Black Friday Deals This Year?

History of Black Friday

Black Friday was named first in 1966 when people in large number reached at shopping store for Christmas shopping. That also caused a heavy traffic jam and little violence. On the other side, on this day shopkeepers earn a lot of profit in business.

What is Black Friday

The annual shopping season, called as Black Friday, starts from the very next day of Thanksgiving. According to “The Sun” one of the newspapers in the UK, “shoppers are expected to spend around £203 each”. That clearly means above £3 billion have to be spent in a day to mark the largely celebrated shopping occasion -Black Friday. A large number of shopping stores, whether it is online or physical stores, are all set to attract a large number of customers with fantastic Black Friday deals.

What Date is Black Friday 2016?

Black Friday falls on the next day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. This year Black Friday is going to be celebrated on 25th November.

black friday sales in mega store

However, it is not a one-day-event at all. Most of the online stores have already opened up attractive deals (two weeks early of the Black Friday). The deals will go on for the whole month of November, and even for some days after the month.

What can I Buy on Black Friday?

It’s really hard to explain everything in words. However, you can buy everything whether it is a day to day commodity, fashion, lifestyle, electronics, electrical and whatever you find in the shop -all will be available at the cheapest price. All you need to do is to get yourself equipped with latest and updated vouchers and deals. It is expected, as the last year people had great shopping online than in the physical shops, people would buy things more online.

What Deals are Expected in 2016?

Black Friday UK 2016 going to be beneficial for all shoppers this year. The reason, shoppers are expected to shop online more than the outlets. So, most of the online shopping stores are all set to come up with exciting deals. 10% off deals to 99% off are going to be given on different products by the online stores. It will also be based on the products, shoppers buy. However, the speculations are made that all the electronic appliances, gadgets, TVs, home enhancement goods, fashion and beauty items will be at the top. Shoppers have to become smart a bit and get collect all deals online.

Where Can You Get the Cheapest Deals in the UK?

Everywhere… supermarkets, stores, street stores and online. However, if you want to escape the huge rush, jam, heavy traffic jams, then sit on your couch and browse online. You will get similar discounts even in the online stores. Black Friday, basically means the commencement of the shopping season. Business witness a huge profit and shoppers get amazing bargains during shopping season using deals. However, you can get the same benefit by shopping online too. You will get everything sitting at your home; no more rush; no more traffic jam/violence and easy shopping right from your fingertip.

Predictions on the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Almost all fashion, lifestyle, technology, electronic stores will be on the top of the list. However, shoppers need to keep a close eye on the deals. The reason is that, most of the stores will come out with exciting deals, but they will be available for a certain period of time. For example, Amazon has already started Black Friday deals. Cyber Monday specially refers to electronics day, but that doesn’t mean at all that you can browse only electronic items using the deals.

Similarly, there are plenty of top stores, which are expected to come up with exciting deals. They are as follows;

And so much more to be the center of attraction. Some of the top electronic brands like Dell, HP, etc. have already given ads regarding the Cyber Monday deals. Let’s check out what’s the prediction, which shoppers should focus on the deals for.

Mobile: The first thing that is going to attract customers more is “Mobile Deals”. This year especially, mobile stores are all set to display the attractive range of Smartphones. You have the opportunity to grab your dream mobile phone at the lowest price. Most of the stores even offer luxury phones at affordable prices.

Black Friday TV Deals: It seems that you have not updated your old TV? Then, get ready to change it now. TVs shops are going to offers some exciting deals on most of the TVs. Whether you want a 4K TV, Smart TV or luxury TV, you can get right in the budget. Deals for TVs will be available much earlier from when the “sale” starts.

Gadgets & Toys: If you want to buy small & large gadgets and toys, Cyber Monday will be the best time to catch them using the Cyber Monday deals.

Black Friday Laptop Deals: If you dream to buy your favourite laptop at the lowest possible price, this is the right time. You will get attractive benefits using the Black Friday laptop offers.

Clothes: No doubt, Black Friday deals in UK is all bout technology deals. That means you will get huge bargains on the electronic items, but there are various fashion stores online and shops that will offer amazing discounts on most of the fashion and beauty products.

How Can I Get the Best Black Friday Deals Without Putting any Effort?

Of course you can, just keep charged your laptop’s battery and keep on looking for the great deals online.

In short, black Friday is marked as the beginning of holiday shopping season. Various online retailers offer black Friday holiday deals to make the most of your holiday shopping. You need to be careful while shopping as you may become a victim of imitating products. So, browse goods from the shops, which are authentic and reliable.