8 Quick Hacks to Save Money When Traveling

If travel is your life, you know what it is to be like exploring new places and meeting new people every day. But as we know, there is a cost to everything; so does travel. Now here the question arises- How? What if I tell you that you can plan trips without breaking the bank? Follow these quick tips to find out how you can save money when you pick your rucksack the next time.

  • Plan Well Before

Make a list of everything. It should constitute of the things you would bring along, the things you want to buy and the places you want to see. Make a proper budget and allot a specific amount of money to each of them. Make sure you stick to that and don’t get tempted. Also, include the number of days you would stay at one place.


  • The Social Media Hack

Join the local Facebook group that would alert you about the exciting travel deals. Also, enable the notifications to stay updated with the new trips. You may also get a chance to travel with like- minded people and have even more fun.


  • Travel Off-season

Travelling off-season will give you more chances of bargaining and get better deals. You may also get better flight and hotel deals. Much of the Europe have good weather and climatic conditions from September to November. So you can plan accordingly as the places would be less crowded.


  • Use the Public Transport in the Best Possible Way

puplic transportation

Image credit: Forbes


Making the use of public transportation will not only save some bucks would also reduce air pollution. It is also the best way to know new people and explore new cultures. So go green this season!


  • Eat Local Cuisine

Rather than eating in expensive international restaurants, look for local places to eat. Street food and local restaurants have more tasty and cheaper food. You would also get fresh food and be less prone to processed food. In addition to that, always ensure to ask the local people what it costs for a particular thing. Whether it is food, transport or any other activity. In addition to that, you can also use Google maps to reach to a given location. It shows you public transport spots and also the shortest route to reach that place.


  • Be Flexible with Your Plans

If you want to travel at a certain place, be flexible about the dates. If you want to travel at one particular time, be flexible about the destination. The two of them shouldn’t go hand in hand.


  • Use a Cashback or Deals Giving the Website

Do a little bit of research to find out the websites which help you in saving money by giving offers and deals on accommodation, food, and travel. Travelodge offers the latest deals and discount. Just browse their website and get instant access to some of the stunning deals.


  • Weigh Your Luggage

Always weigh your luggage before boarding a flight so that you don’t end up paying an additional fee. If anything is extra, you can remove it. Alternatively, you can also look for jackets and outfits that carry most of your additional luggage weight.


Ready to make your wanderlust a reality? Go for it! Visit new places, Explore new cultures, Eat different delicacies and travel like never before and who knows you may end up becoming a story teller some day!